The Honeymoon: First Night Of Sex

It is normal for couples to become nervous regarding their wedding night sex. However, proper management of the situation may prove the difference between creating a night of memories to cherish, or a bad sexual experience laden with regrets. One thing that couples need to understand is that their partner may not be familiar with them or sex in general, and therefore should try and make them have the best first-sex experience with them; first sex impressions matters a lot, especially for subsequent sexual encounters. As most experts say, the first post-wedding night is the most significant point in life for the couple. If someone mishandles things on this night, he or she may miss an important opportunity to be close to their lifetime partner; sex is the ultimate bond that couples use to cement their vows of becoming one, after a wedding.

Before the newlyweds engage in sexual activity, it’s important to ensure that the ambiance is perfect. This could involve having a clean hotel or house, well decorated to match the mood of the day for a new couple. It should express a typical image of what love is. Let all that the couple may require be available for their use and comfort. Ambiance has a great role to play in helping the newlyweds relax while in the company of one another.

To have a memorable first-night sexual experience, the Bridegroom needs to connect emotionally with the Bride. As such, the man should do what he can to help his partner become relaxed. He should express his feelings about the things he likes in his new bride; let the man express the strengths he sees in his wife. Let the man make her feel that she’s beautiful. He, however, should avoid the use of sexual expressions, and instead choose to use non-sensitive or non-sexual praises focused on his wife’s neck, lips, eyes, teeth, and hair. The man needs to drop a hint of how he becomes aroused because of her presence. All first approaches need not be performed by a man; the bride should have her say in this as well. Men can be just a nervous as women on the first night.

Patience and a slow mantra during sex are important. The couple may be hungry for sex from their new partner; however, for both of them to enjoy the sexual experience, it’s important to practice patience and avoid rushing into bed once they get into the room. Prior to their wedding, the man needs to do a background check to understand if his to-be wife is a virgin. If so, then it’s important to counsel her and make her understand that she might feel some slight pain accompanied with a few drops of blood, but it’s normal and won’t last for long. Due to the couple’s inadequate knowledge about each other, it’s important for the man not to be vigorous during sexual intercourse. He should focus on helping his wife get most excitement out of their sexual activity. He should also be keen to read the wife’s non-vocal cues indicating that she needs the sex mantra increased/decreased.

Enjoyable first wedding-night sex requires that the couples stay active prior to their wedding. This will make them fit and flexible during sexual intercourse. There’s a need for the woman to engage her pelvic and vaginal muscles. For fear of experiencing pain at the first entry point, she can hold the man by his shoulders to limit his entry pace. Let the couple view this night as an opportunity to become physically connected to one another, rather than exploitation from their partner.

Proper mental preparation is also important in having a perfect sexual experience. The couple can connect mentally by showering together. This can also help them get the opportunity to see how each of them is uniquely and perfectly molded to their satisfaction. This may be hard for them depending on their previous sexual experience, but it’s worth it for the first-night sexual bonding.

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